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With 11 years of experience in offering effective, fun, conversational English classes, Instituto Estelar Bilingüe is a fabulous choice to begin or continue your language journey. Our organized academic program offers all levels to students from 3 years old to 90. Fiercely committed to our community and making every student feel like part of our Estelar family, we offer a unique learning experience.

— Con 11 años de experiencia ofreciendo clases de inglés efectivas, divertidas y conversacionales, el Instituto Estelar Bilingüe es una opción fabulosa para comenzar o continuar su viaje lingüístico. Nuestro programa académico organizado ofrece todos los niveles a estudiantes desde los 3 años hasta los 90. Ferozmente comprometidos con nuestra comunidad y haciendo que cada estudiante se sienta parte de nuestra familia Estelar, ofrecemos una experiencia de aprendizaje única.

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Why live and study in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica borders Panama (South) and Nicaragua (North), and it is well-known for its tradition of peaceful democracy and lack of military. In 1949, the army was abolished and the government started spending more money on social programs.

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Volunteer in Costa Rica - Club A

Founded in April 2014 by 5 women, Club A is a non-profit organization that seeks to help at-risk kids in Liberia, Costa Rica do well in school. Club A organizes field trips, special events, and a back-to-school campaign each year for the kids who consistently attend the program and have excellent conduct.

Once a week, volunteers are transported to a low-income community just 10 minutes outside of Liberia. There, Club A kids, ages 5 to 9, are split into smaller groups led by volunteers who conduct fun activities to practice reading and writing Spanish, doing mathematics, and speaking basic English.