Sound the Alarm, the Liberia Parties have Started!

Sound the Alarm, the Liberia Parties have Started!

You can feel the happiness in the streets when the people shout “It smells like a party!” Every year in February, the much- anticipated Civic Parties are celebrated in Liberia, The White City. These ten day-long parties have social and cultural roots and are full of Guanacastecan activities.

It all begins with the first diana (a tradition where musicians in the back of a truck play music throughout the town) that departs from the central park at 4:45am. Children and adults of all ages on bikes and on foot follow the music through different neighborhoods of Liberia, announcing the start of the activities. The rhythm of the cimarronas (traditional Guanacaste music) wakes people from their beds to follow the diana and happily and energetically start the day – “con toda la pata,” as the locals say.

Sound the Alarm, the Liberia Parties have Started!At mid-day you can hear the fireworks announcing the start of the tope (a traditional horse parade), where the former Queen graciously says goodbye to Liberia. Later at night, in the central park, the newly-elected Queen for the Liberia Civic Parties of 2017 is crowned.

There is no chance of you being bored, and no reason to stay asleep at home.  Start the day early with the diana and enjoy a delicious traditional breakfast in the “coyol” ranch!  After that, saddle up your horse at noon and join the tope on the historical bridge.  Then, in the Toros Camilo Reyes Monumental Plaza, you can watch the rustic Guanacaste bull riders at 3pm, and again at 9pm. And if that’s not enough for you, come to the central park at 8pm and dance to the rhythm of the music played by national bands.

Come and try some coyol wine, eat delicious arroz de maíz with a sweet milk drink, and have an afternoon coffee with a traditional chorreada corn cake. This beautiful land has much to offer with the warmth of its people and its picturesque culture. Come and enjoy a unique experience to the sound of the marimba. Strap on your boots and we’ll see you at the party!