Volunteering with Club A in Costa Rica

Volunteering with Club A in Costa Rica

“I like jumping!”

“So do I!”

Imagine some rhythmic handclapping and jumps to go along with these chants and you have a pretty good idea about the atmosphere that runs through Club A every Thursday afternoon. Because this after-school organisation doesn’t tie children behind a desk for them to stare at a blackboard and parrot their teachers. Club A sees the benefits of teaching through games.

Volunteering with Club A in Costa Rica
Club A is a non-profit organization that aims to help underprivileged kids be successful in school. It was founded in 2014 and is 100% volunteer-led.

Having worked with needy children before and therefore knowing that education is not always a priority for a family stricken by poverty, I found it rather moving that this community seems to recognize the full benefits of it. No less than 80 kids are part of this club and even more are waiting to join.

Today they were taught some new English expressions and words and equally important, enjoyed themselves while doing so. After the introduction to some new vocabulary, some children could practice their spelling while the others played a game outside. The teacher would throw a little, paper ball and the kid that got hit by it, was asked to come to the front and mimic any animal suggested by the others. This exercise was good for their imagination and fitness levels both! I was certainly expanding on my still very meager Spanish vocabulary. When the tables were turned and a kid threw the little ball at me, I was to mimic a donkey. Or burro, as I now know!

After the teachings and games, the children were sent home with a snack and a drink. I am convinced these seemingly small gestures will make a world of difference and push some kids to learn more and be more.

This blog was contributed by Mieke Leenders from Belgium. Find out how you can help by checking out Club A’s website or Facebook page. Instituto Estelar Bilingüe is a proud Club A sponsor, encouraging its students to volunteer and support Club A’s outreach programs.