Teaching English at Estelar

I can honestly say that teaching English to my students has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. I always knew that I wanted to do this but actually living the experience and helping them learn a language they are so passionate about has been satisfying and fruitful. My students are so determined and eager to learn and it makes me appreciate being a native English speaker since it’s something we take for granted. Most of the students are enrolled in classes because being fluent in English ensures that they get better jobs and can help their families out. Even though most of them come right after work or on their days off, they are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. Their drive and determination to learn motivates me to be a great teacher to them!

Estelar English students are a lot of fun to teach!

This blog was contributed by Stella, an English teacher from Canada at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe in Liberia, Costa Rica.