Get Busy Living

Get Busy Living

I’ve got a new attitude

Remember this song from the 80s? It seems appropriate to describe the shift in focus that many people now have after months of reflecting on what’s important to them. Coming out of quarantine and valuing life like never before, are you ready to invest in some quality time and making memories?

How about an education vacation in Costa Rica, learning a new language – Spanish – and experiencing “pura vida” culture? You don’t want to go back to the rat race where life passes by in a blink of an eye. You don’t want to keep staring at your boring street from your living room window. You want to live each moment, visit gorgeous beaches and forests teeming with wildlife, soak up the sun, have new experiences, laugh with friends, live to the fullest!

The type of people who come to Liberia, Costa Rica to take our Spanish immersion program are not your average Joe. They don’t want to sip cocktails all day at a resort: they want to interact with real people, experience life through a Costa Rican’s eyes, and push themselves to new heights. They go against the grain, and their rewards are big. 

As we wait to see when the borders open up and people can travel again to our incredible country, you can start planning your adventures. You can also start studying Spanish online with our outstanding teachers in our conversational classes for just $20 per hour. Why not get started (or re-started) on that dream of yours to be bilingual?

What will you do when this is all over? We hope you’ll “get busy living” with us in Costa Rica! (reference Shawshank Redemption)


Sponsor an English Student!

In addition to Spanish classes, Estelar has a thriving English program for Costa Ricans. All of our classes are now online because of the pandemic, and we have gone from 430 students to 190 since March, but the students we have now are a very determined bunch! We would love to see them continue learning English despite not being able to pay for classes. Last month, 20 students were sponsored by generous people all over the globe. Would you like to help?

English is crucial to getting the best jobs in Costa Rica! By helping one Tico study English, you are giving an entire family a better future.