Who says Quarantine has to be Boring?

Who says Quarantine has to be Boring?

We are having a little fun here in Liberia, Costa Rica, and we invite you to join in. Brighten your quarantine days with a little video project! Tell us why you love Costa Rica in a short video, produced on Tik Tok or elsewhere, and send it to our Whatsapp number: +011 506 8730-0904.

Our local community is participating too, so check out their videos and vote for your favorites!

We will upload submitted videos to our Tik Tok page, and the videos with the most likes win. Winners get two free private Spanish classes online.

Taking Spanish classes online is another way to keep your mind occupied during quarantine. Right now, classes are just $20 per hour (normally $30), and we set them up at your convenience. As they say in Costa Rica, aproveche – take advantage of this offer.

COVID-19 Update

Costa Rica has done an admirable job in preventing the spread of the virus within its borders. However, recently there has been a sharp increase in cases and deaths, so this week everything was shut down. We are waiting to hear whether things will open up again next week.

In the meantime, we at Estelar are very fortunate to be able to work from home, teaching virtual Spanish and English classes. Our school building has been closed since April, but we are hopeful that we will be back in the classroom soon.

This is why we are accepting student sign-ups for our Spanish immersion program for September and beyond, but we are not requiring the security deposit until we know for sure that students can come to Costa Rica. And, of course, you can get started by taking virtual classes.

Sponsor an English student

In addition to Spanish classes, Estelar has a thriving English program for Costa Ricans. Incredibly, we have had generous people from all over sponsoring English students since April. We give the scholarships to our best students who let us know that they cannot afford to continue. The cool thing is that many students have let us know, after a month or two of assistance, that they are once again able to pay. It is refreshing to see such honesty! Our students are the best.