It’s our 10th Anniversary!

It’s our 10th Anniversary!

We are survivors here at Estelar, and we have amazing support from our family around the globe, enabling us to reach our 10th birthday despite the pandemic and other setbacks. In fact, we received many generous donations this year for our English program students who lost their jobs when tourism shut down here in Guanacaste. Those sponsors kept students in our classes and teachers employed! Our teachers proved their resiliency when we moved all of our classes to Zoom from one day to the next. Most of them had never taught a class online before, but they figured it out with a positive, can-do, Estelar attitude.

We decided to celebrate our anniversary by…repainting our school building!

It’s amazing how the painting project infused us with a fresh new energy, pumping us up for the next 10 years (which will be better than the first, por supuesto). Because of the challenging economic situation this year, we painted the building ourselves, and we are very grateful to our incredible staff for long days of music, laughter, sore arms, callused hands, and more paint on our clothes than the walls.

Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Our in-person Spanish immersion program is up and running again, and we plan to continue in 2021. 

Did you know we offer immersion for kids too? These siblings (5 and 10 years old) recently enjoyed a very fun week of crafts, games, songs, and more…all in Spanish! 

And they graduated alongside the adults in our Spanish immersion program!

Our immersion classes are small, with 2-4 students in a group who can easily sit with distance between them around our large classroom tables. We follow safety measures by requiring frequent hand washing and mask wearing. Our families with large homes where social distancing is possible are eager to receive students! If you’d rather stay in a hotel, ask us for a list of hotels in Liberia that are all within walking distance of the school.

We hope to see you soon in our sweet town of Liberia, Costa Rica where the international airport (LIR) is just 10 minutes away, and everything in Liberia city is within walking distance. We are excited to be back in the saddle again, doing what we do best: providing authentic experiences while studying Spanish.

Free Spanish Quiz!

Online Spanish Classes 

Many people don’t realize that we offer online Spanish classes to both kids and adults! We have kids as young as 4 years old studying Spanish with us online. Just last week, a new 7 year-old Spanish student exclaimed to her mom after the first class with profesora Nelly: “It’s way more fun than school and even better than watching TV!”

That’s about the best recommendation we could ask for!

Our online, live, personalized classes take place on Zoom with our Costa Rican teachers. Students can take a course or practice conversation. The current price is $20 per hour for private classes, and $30 per hour for shared classes, and this can be paid online via Paypal.

Contact us now to get started with online classes!