Ready to travel to Costa Rica?

Ready to travel to Costa Rica?

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Are you ready to take a plane somewhere – anywhere! – and experience new things? After all these months of restricted movement, people are starting to travel once again to Costa Rica. It is exciting to see so many Ticos in Liberia boarding the special hotel buses again to work in tourism along the coast. Costa Rica has managed the pandemic quite well, and the numbers are going down. People here are responsible in wearing masks, frequently washing hands, and maintaining social distance. A Spanish immersion student recently commented on how cool it was to see a sign with “alternative forms of greeting” at a national park. It’s impressive that Ticos have been able to modify their deeply-rooted tradition of greeting with a hug and kiss, thanks to the government’s united efforts to educate people on reducing the spread of the virus.

Here at Estelar, we are teaching a handful of Spanish immersion students, placing them in homestays, and exploring our rich area. Our online Spanish classes are more popular than ever, which is great, but we love having people here! As travel opens up, we expect to see a lot more people in our bright classrooms, drinking world-class coffee, falling in love with Costa Rica, and aprendiendo español with the best methodology possible.

Best trip of my life!

Trip advisor review

“I studied for four weeks at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe [in January 2021], and it exceeded my expectations in every way. My teachers, Nelly and Sofia were excellent. Bethany organized activities for us every day of the week. Cooking, dancing, and music classes were all included in the price as well as walking tours of the city and a trip to Liberia’s biggest farmer’s market. Bethany organized “Spanglish” classes twice a week which allowed me to learn Spanish and teach English with Ticos.

We went on wonderful excursions to volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, a canyon, the rainforest and beaches every weekend.

My homestay family was warm and welcoming.

I would return to Estelar in a heartbeat. I am so grateful to have had the chance to spend a month there.”