Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

Instituto Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

As yesterday was World Dog Day, we’d like to feature our furry Estelar family in this blog. Our students tend to fall in love with our resident dogs, who are in fact bilingual. Lina and Fiona – mom and daughter – were rescued from the streets of San Jose. As you can see in this picture, they are very friendly!
Spanish student falls in love with Estelar dogs
Our sweet Golden Retriever, Ivy, goes with us on excursions to the beach! See if you can catch her in this video about beaches near Liberia.
Estelar Golden Retriever goes with students to the beach
Damián, our German Shepherd, is a gentle giant, and he loves swimming and hiking with our Spanish students!
Our German Shepherd loves swimming and hiking with Spanish students
Our pups are hoping to meet you soon when you come study Spanish with us in Liberia, Costa Rica! Of course, we understand and respect that not all students are dog lovers, so we are careful to keep them away from students until we know their preferences. Many students miss their dogs while studying with us, so our dogs are happy to let students love on them all they want. 

This afternoon mid-week excursion to Poza los Coyotes and Poza la Angostura is a new favorite for our Spanish students! In fact, we recently made a few changes to our weekly schedules. Check out the summary of activities here!

What’s new in Costa Rica?

I am very happy to report that the vaccine roll out for COVID-19 has accelerated significantly, and now kids as young as 12 can get it. Here at Instituto Estelar, our staff got the first dose, and we look forward to getting the second one in a few weeks. We are continuing to run our Spanish immersion program, placing students in homestays, and exploring Guanacaste together. We are all still wearing masks and washing our hands frequently, but life in Liberia is almost back to normal.

I am thrilled that we are finally opening some in-house English classes in a few weeks! Our English program had as many as 550 students in the past, and we have maintained 200 in online classes for 16 months. Everywhere I go in town, people tell me how excited they are that we are finally opening our English classrooms again.

If you’re not quite ready to make the journey to Costa Rica, remember that our online Spanish private classes are the next best thing. Contact Dayana, our awesome Spanish coordinator, to get started:

– Bethany, Founder

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