best language school in Costa Rica

¡Matricula gratis para cursos de inglés!

¿Recuerda sus metas para 2021? 

¡No deje que pase un año más sin ser Bilingüe! 

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¡200 años de independencia!

Celebración del bicentario de nuestra independencia

En este año 2021 celebramos el Bicentenario de nuestra querida Costa Rica. Se cumplen 200...

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Mejora fácilmente tu nivel de inglés

¿Cómo mejorar fácilmente tu nivel de inglés? 

Mes a mes, te brindamos algunos tips importantes que te ayudan avanzar con tu nivel de inglés. Este mes nos enfocamos en la uti...

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Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

Instituto Estelar's Bilingual Dogs

As yesterday was World Dog Day, we'd like to feature our furry Estelar family in this blog. Our students tend to fall in love with our r...

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Don’t study Spanish at Estelar!

Why you shouldn't study Spanish at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

Where to begin? I mean, why is Spanish important anyway? It's only the third most-spoken language in the world. If you know English, yo...

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Adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bound

After all this time of restricted movement, people are starting to travel once again to Costa Rica. Costa Ricans and tourists are responsible in wearing masks,...

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¡Junio: mes de padres!

Ya no piense en los regalos de siempre… regale algo que de verdad esa persona tan especial le pueda sacar el mayor provecho, regale un curso de inglés en linea con nosotros, somos su mejor opción en Guanacaste! Read More

We won again!

Top Language School 2020

Despite the pandemic forcing our Spanish immersion program to close for most of last year, students still wrote positive reviews about their time with ...

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Ready to travel to Costa Rica?

Start planning your trip!

Are you ready to take a plane somewhere - anywhere! - and experience new things? After all these months of restricted movement, people are starting to travel once again to ...

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It’s our 10th Anniversary!

We are survivors here at Estelar, and we have amazing support from our family around the globe, enabling us to reach our 10th birthday despite the pandemic and other setbacks. In fact, we received many generous donations this year for our Englis...

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