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¡Inglés regalado!

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Extraordinary Spanish Immersion & Homestay Programs

At Estelar, we work hard to live up to our name, which means extraordinary, pertaining to the stars. We are constantly improving our offerings and ensuring that students are getting the best experience possible.

Thus, we are overflowing with pride to announce that we have...

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Pura Vida! How YOU can learn Spanish in Costa Rica

As a huge fan of language learning, I have tried a million and one different ways to make new vocabulary and grammar structures stick. From burying my head in best-selling novels to watching sit-coms in the target language, I enjoy discovering...

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Teaching ESL in Costa Rica is a Dream!

I have been fortunate enough to teach in several beautiful countries as an ESL (or TEFL) teacher. However, teaching in Costa Rica has to be my favourite and most rewarding experience yet. I am still relativel...

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Learning Spanish from the Perspective of an English Teacher

Whilst living in Costa Rica, I have worked my way through two separate, yet complementary processes; teaching English and studying Spanish. I arrived in Costa Rica from Scotland with a fairly basic level of S...

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Living in Liberia, Costa Rica

I was warned from people in San Jose, Costa Rica, that it would be hot in Liberia, but coming from January weather in Kentucky, I took their advice lightly and expected Liberia to be a nice 75 degrees like the capital city. At the halfway stop...

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10 Reasons to Learn Español – Now!

There are so many great benefits to learning Spanish, and there is no better time than ahora! Below are 10 reasons to finally take the plunge and learn Spanish!

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Do’s and Don’ts for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be a very rewarding and enlightening experience. You will likely learn a lot about the local customs, traditions, norms, and even language. In order to have the most enriching experience ...

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Stay in a Homestay

Whether you are studying abroad or just traveling around a particular city for a week or more, there are so many great reasons to stay with a host family in a homestay placement. From increased cultural exposure, to trying new foods, to the memories you'll make, here are the...

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My Spanish Obsession

We all know that there are some bad obsessions to have. In fact, the word obsession usually has a negative connotation. For example, it’s not a good idea to be obsessed over an ex who doesn’t think about you anymore. It’s not healthy to be consumed with havi...

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