Estelar Viajes

Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

Instituto Estelar's Bilingual Dogs

As yesterday was World Dog Day, we'd like to feature our furry Estelar family in this blog. Our students tend to fall in love with our r...

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We won again!

Top Language School 2020

Despite the pandemic forcing our Spanish immersion program to close for most of last year, students still wrote positive reviews about their time with ...

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Ready to travel to Costa Rica?

Start planning your trip!

Are you ready to take a plane somewhere - anywhere! - and experience new things? After all these months of restricted movement, people are starting to travel once again to ...

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Who says Quarantine has to be Boring?

We are having a little fun here in Liberia, Costa Rica, and we invite you to join in. Brighten your quarantine days with a little video project! Tell us why you love Costa Rica in a short video, produced on Tik Tok or elsewhere, ...

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Visiting the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall

Yesterday, I visited the LLanos De Cortez waterfall, which is located just 15 minutes outside of downtown Liberia.  I went with two students from the institute that are here from Canada studying English.  Estelar was kind enough to arrange our transportation, and even pro...

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Liberia, Costa Rica is close to everything!

Something that I really love about Liberia is its close proximity to many different attractions. Liberia itself is a rural city with a mix of horses, bulls, shopping, and restaurants. It has a lot of personality, from old colonial architecture and traditions to modern struct...

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Beach Genres

I’ve seen some pretty remarkable beaches in my day, and the Costa Rican ones are definitely up there on my list. Each beach has some unique quality that gives it its own pizzaz. Some beaches have pure white sand, others have sand blacker than space, and others have a mix o...

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New Experiences in Costa Rica

Coming to Costa Rica has been an exciting experience for me since it is the first time that I have traveled abroad from the United States. This country has definitely given me high ups and low downs, but I am discovering more about myself day-by-day. Overall it has been a gr...

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My Experience in Costa Rica

My experience in Costa Rica has been nothing short of amazing thus far. The locals are the most welcoming and friendly people I’ve ever met, the cuisine is beyond delicious, and the nature leaves one speechless.

[caption id="attachment_6543" align="alignright" width="22...

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Estelar Special Activities – Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

In order for our students to meet new people and get extra English practice outside of the classroom, we offer many free Estelar Special Activities each week. The events are announced weekly in classes and on Facebook. We highly encourage English students, Spanish...

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