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¡Inglés regalado!

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10 Reasons to Learn Español – Now!

There are so many great benefits to learning Spanish, and there is no better time than ahora! Below are 10 reasons to finally take the plunge and learn Spanish!

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Do’s and Don’ts for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be a very rewarding and enlightening experience. You will likely learn a lot about the local customs, traditions, norms, and even language. In order to have the most enriching experience ...

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Learn Spanish the fun way!

As a teacher, it always makes me so sad when students think that learning a language has to be difficult and boring. No way! Communicative and dynamic classes are not only an efficient and great way to learn Spanish, but they’re also so much fun! Nowadays there are a bunch...

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Why Learn Spanish with Estelar

Why You Should Learn Spanish with Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

At Instituto Estelar Bilingue, we are all about learning Spanish in a dynamic and conversational manner, and we want i...

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La Romeria – Costa Rica’s Pilgrimage

Every year, over a million people complete a pilgrimage to Cartago, Costa Rica from all over the country, as well as from other Central American countries. The "romería", as it is called in Costa Rica, officially takes place every year on August...

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Spanish Immersion Program

Last week, I had the opportunity to take part in the Spanish full immersion program and it was a very rewarding experience. The classes consisted of people from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada, so it was a really interesting mix. Our teacher Caroly was absolutely am...

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Tica Life: Total Immersion at Estelar

As an English teacher at Estelar Bilingue, I have met many international Spanish students that come for our Immersion Courses. I was curious how the “class in the AM and beach in the PM” lifestyle was for some of them and, fortunately, I h...

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Club A Volunteer

One aspect of Estelar that I truly adore is volunteering at Club A, which is a charity that was created by Estelar in order to help impoverished children. Every week, volunteers teach young kids English and try to mentor them. I have been going to Club A weekly, and each wee...

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Why volunteer for Instituto Estelar Bilingue


I believe that to volunteer while studying abroad is to travel with awareness. You get the opportunity to see what many people don’t see, but should, and you learn about the culture on a more social and political level. Volunteerin...

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