Special Activities

Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

Instituto Estelar's Bilingual Dogs

As yesterday was World Dog Day, we'd like to feature our furry Estelar family in this blog. Our students tend to fall in love with our r...

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Adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bound

After all this time of restricted movement, people are starting to travel once again to Costa Rica. Costa Ricans and tourists are responsible in wearing masks,...

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We won again!

Top Language School 2020

Despite the pandemic forcing our Spanish immersion program to close for most of last year, students still wrote positive reviews about their time with ...

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Stay in a Homestay

Whether you are studying abroad or just traveling around a particular city for a week or more, there are so many great reasons to stay with a host family in a homestay placement. From increased cultural exposure, to trying new foods, to the memories you'll make, here are the...

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My Experience Teaching English in Costa Rica

After ten years of doing Accounting in the states, I felt the need for a big change. I had previously lived in another country and was beginning to feel the need for a new culture and a new experience. I decided to try to teach English in a Spanish-speaking country, so that ...

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Why Learn Spanish with Estelar

Why You Should Learn Spanish with Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

At Instituto Estelar Bilingue, we are all about learning Spanish in a dynamic and conversational manner, and we want i...

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Tica Life: Total Immersion at Estelar

As an English teacher at Estelar Bilingue, I have met many international Spanish students that come for our Immersion Courses. I was curious how the “class in the AM and beach in the PM” lifestyle was for some of them and, fortunately, I h...

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10 Reasons to Study in the “Green Season”

10. There’s a reason they call it the “green” season. Everything is lush and green and beautiful. The rainforests are incredible, and many species of orchids are in full bloom.

9. The lush landscape brings out ev...

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Club A Volunteer

One aspect of Estelar that I truly adore is volunteering at Club A, which is a charity that was created by Estelar in order to help impoverished children. Every week, volunteers teach young kids English and try to mentor them. I have been going to Club A weekly, and each wee...

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Exciting times in Liberia, Costa Rica!

Here in Liberia, they have a lot of activities always going on in the central park or around the city, so it is a really exciting week to be studying Spanish at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe. This week they are having their Fiestas Civicas and there are tons of people walking ...

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