Special Activities

Why Study Spanish at Estelar?

That is a fair enough question considering the wide variety of schools and courses available out there. Since I have in past blogs already made a case for Costa Rica and Liberia both, I would very much like to focus on Estelar specifically. Read More

Spanglish: a language exchange in Liberia, Costa Rica

I am always way too early. Classes, appointments, interviews,… This Spanglish event organised by Instituto Estelar every Wednesday in Mariajuana Restaurant, a block south of the school, was no different. I arrived about half an hour before i...

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First Spanish class

The less, the merrier

A small room with a comfortably large ceiling fan was set up for us 5 students. This small sized group, I instantly thought, is a smart way to go for language classes. We ...

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Estelar Special Activities – Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

In order for our students to meet new people and get extra English practice outside of the classroom, we offer many free Estelar Special Activities each week. The events are announced weekly in classes and on Facebook. We highly encourage English students, Spanish...

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