waterfalls in costa rica

Learn Spanish the fun way!

As a teacher, it always makes me so sad when students think that learning a language has to be difficult and boring. No way! Communicative and dynamic classes are not only an efficient and great way to learn Spanish, but they’re also so much fun! Nowadays there are a bunch...

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10 Reasons to Study in the “Green Season”

10. There’s a reason they call it the “green” season. Everything is lush and green and beautiful. The rainforests are incredible, and many species of orchids are in full bloom.

9. The lush landscape brings out ev...

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Mountainous Impressions

Meeting a new country after dark is an interesting experience; the first impression solely relies on the faces you see and the sounds you hear. I arrived in Costa Rica at night and all I could see were streetlights littered over what seemed to...

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Visiting the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall

Yesterday, I visited the LLanos De Cortez waterfall, which is located just 15 minutes outside of downtown Liberia.  I went with two students from the institute that are here from Canada studying English.  Estelar was kind enough to arrange our transportation, and even pro...

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Liberia, Costa Rica is close to everything!

Something that I really love about Liberia is its close proximity to many different attractions. Liberia itself is a rural city with a mix of horses, bulls, shopping, and restaurants. It has a lot of personality, from old colonial architecture and traditions to modern struct...

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Hiking at Rincón de la Vieja National Park

Hiking at Rincón de la Vieja with Instituto Estelar’s Hiking Club (Estelar Viajes) was a blast! We trekked a little more than three kilometers over bridges and through valleys until we reached the stunning La Cangreja Waterfall and took a much-needed swim.

Although the...

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