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Don’t study Spanish at Estelar!

Why you shouldn't study Spanish at Instituto Estelar Bilingüe

Where to begin? I mean, why is Spanish important anyway? It's only the third most-spoken language in the world. If you know English, yo...

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Extraordinary Spanish Immersion & Homestay Programs

At Estelar, we work hard to live up to our name, which means extraordinary, pertaining to the stars. We are constantly improving our offerings and ensuring that students are getting the best experience possible.

Thus, we are overflowing with pride to announce that we have...

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Building my Spanish Skills at Estelar

I have had the wonderful opportunity to take intensive Spanish classes at Instituto Estelar! These classes have been everything a foreign language class should be: dynamic, challenging, full of conversation, and very fun. The staff and profess...

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10 Reasons to Learn Español – Now!

There are so many great benefits to learning Spanish, and there is no better time than ahora! Below are 10 reasons to finally take the plunge and learn Spanish!

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Learn Spanish the fun way!

As a teacher, it always makes me so sad when students think that learning a language has to be difficult and boring. No way! Communicative and dynamic classes are not only an efficient and great way to learn Spanish, but they’re also so much fun! Nowadays there are a bunch...

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My Spanish Obsession

We all know that there are some bad obsessions to have. In fact, the word obsession usually has a negative connotation. For example, it’s not a good idea to be obsessed over an ex who doesn’t think about you anymore. It’s not healthy to be consumed with havi...

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