Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

Estelar’s Bilingual Dogs

Instituto Estelar's Bilingual Dogs

As yesterday was World Dog Day, we'd like to feature our furry Estelar family in this blog. Our students tend to fall in love with our r...

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Adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bound

After all this time of restricted movement, people are starting to travel once again to Costa Rica. Costa Ricans and tourists are responsible in wearing masks,...

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We won again!

Top Language School 2020

Despite the pandemic forcing our Spanish immersion program to close for most of last year, students still wrote positive reviews about their time with ...

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What makes Estelar unique?

There are a lot of Spanish schools in the world, and it can be hard to choose where to go for the immersion experience, which we all know is crucial for mastering a language. So why choose Instituto Estelar Bilingüe in Liberia, Costa Rica?

There are a lot of great reason...

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¡Inglés regalado!

Mejores clases de inglés para niños Read More

Why Study Spanish at Estelar?

That is a fair enough question considering the wide variety of schools and courses available out there. Since I have in past blogs already made a case for Costa Rica and Liberia both, I would very much like to focus on Estelar specifically. Read More

Spanish Class at Instituto Estelar

I participated in a week-long intensive Spanish course for beginners at Estelar and was blown away at how much I learned in just 20 hours! Previously, I had never taken any Spanish in school and was nervous about my lack of vocabulary when I started, but the teacher created ...

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Spanglish: a language exchange in Liberia, Costa Rica

I am always way too early. Classes, appointments, interviews,… This Spanglish event organised by Instituto Estelar every Wednesday in Mariajuana Restaurant, a block south of the school, was no different. I arrived about half an hour before i...

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Best City Tour Ever – The Insider’s View of Liberia, Costa Rica

I always love to take city tours, but never the ones they offer so many of. The top 5 churches, the big squares and most important buildings,… All fascinating, but easily visited and researched on your own. I like the tour that offers someth...

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First Spanish class

The less, the merrier

A small room with a comfortably large ceiling fan was set up for us 5 students. This small sized group, I instantly thought, is a smart way to go for language classes. We ...

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