As the weather in Liberia is hot, and the school does not have air conditioning (only fans), teachers should bring cool, light clothes that are professional but comfortable. Generally the dress and personal appearance in Costa Rica is more formal and tidy than that in North America and Europe. It is important that teachers use their discretion to dress respectably and professionally. Clothing must be clean, pressed, and in good condition.

  • Nice pants (including jeans if they look nice and are not tattered), shorts, pedal pushers, capris, modest skirts and dresses – all of which cannot be shorter than just above the knee.
  • Collared and button-down shirts or polo shirts are preferred. T-shirts are permitted only if they are in excellent condition with no writing or slogans on them. You need to look neat.
  • Nice sandals or close-toed shoes (no Tevas or beach-wear).
  • Not allowed: casual clothing, especially for the beach (shorts, jeans, flip-flops, halters, strapless, casual tank tops, T-shirts). Immodest clothing is unacceptable. Strapless dresses are allowed IF another garment is worn over the shoulders. Please do not display excessive cleavage. Facial piercings, tongue studs, and visible tattoos should be taken out or covered up when teaching. We do allow one very small nose stud/jewel (but not a ring).

Impeccable hygiene in Costa Rica is also very important, and teachers must abide by the cultural norms. Teachers are expected to follow the Tico way of brushing their teeth throughout the day, and flossing, using soap, and applying deodorant on a daily basis.