Spanish Immersion Program

Our Spanish immersion program is temporarily on pause as of September 2021. We hope to bring it back soon, and this is why we have kept the information published here. 

Total immersion in a language is the best way to learn. Our Spanish Immersion Program is a great way to jump-start your Spanish skills and experience fast progress. It is a fantastic choice for people wanting to immerse themselves in the culture of Costa Rica and seriously study Spanish. Courses start every Monday throughout the year (except for the week of Christmas). You can sign up for 1 week or 3 months – whatever you want!

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The Immersion program includes…

  • 20 hours a week of highly conversational, interactive semi-private classes (2-4 students), completing one of fifteen levels (from beginner to advanced). The schedules are Monday through Thursday, 1-5pm, and Fridays, 12-4pm;
  • Full assessment of your Spanish skills before arriving to Costa Rica to place you in an appropriate course for you;
  • An Árbol Español Americano course book, developed by our school’s educational experts. Each book includes TPRS (Total Physical Response Storytelling), Survival Spanish chapters, vocabulary and grammar exercises, conversation topics, and homework exercises;
  • Two extracurricular activities per week, which includes such activities as a walking tour of Liberia, individual and group language exchanges with the locals, and cultural classes;
  • Volunteer opportunities with Club A and Estelar’s community English events at no additional cost;
  • Independent activities to practice Spanish and meet the locals, WiFi, and coffee;
  • A list (emailed to students) of activities to do in and near Liberia;
  • Assistance with booking additional activities, transportation or accommodation in Liberia or the surrounding areas;
  • A certificate and graduation ceremony for each course completed.

Not included in the immersion program price, but available to students:

  • Four trips per week to explore the Guanacaste region! Two trips per week are organized by Estelar, and two are independent trips for which we give extensive instructions on how to get to amazing destinations via public transportation.
  • The option to stay with a local host family with full Spanish immersion and two daily meals!

Weekly Itineraries

Our immersion program is structured so that students can get the most out of their time with us, not only by having constant exposure to Spanish, but also by volunteering and traveling. Students may or may not complete everything in the schedule each week, but they will certainly not lack for things to do!

Check out our complete price list here.

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Weekly itineraries:

Before arriving to Costa Rica, you will receive the itinerary for the first week of your Spanish program. The schedule of activities, trips, and movie showings change each week on a four-week rotation. Some activities are always the same: a walking tour of Liberia on Mondays, and a group language exchange called Spanglish on Mondays and Wednesdays. The extracurricular activity on Thursdays always changes, as do the weekly excursion options.

This is an example of a weekly itinerary during the rainy season. As it typically rains in the afternoons, we use the sunny mornings to explore and the afternoons to study indoors as it rains.

Practice Spanish constantly with our activity schedule


  • Wednesday morning excursion: Llanos de Cortés waterfall
  • Thursday Cultural Class: Animals of Costa Rica
  • Sunday all day excursion: Hacienda Guachipelin
  • Independent trips (we provide instructions): Ocotal Beach and Flamingo Beach


  • Wednesday morning excursion: Cañon de Colorado
  • Thursday Cultural class: Costa Rican Literature
  • Sunday all day excursion: Rincón de la Vieja national park
  • Independent trips (we provide instructions): Hermosa Beach and Tamarindo Beach


  • Wednesday morning excursion: Poza la Pipa 
  • Thursday Culture class: Costa Rican Legends
  • Sunday all day excursion: La Leona waterfall hike
  • Independent trips (we provide instructions): Cougar animal reserve and Conchal Beach


  • Wednesday morning excursion: Poza los Coyotes 
  • Thursday Culture class: Music Appreciation
  • Sunday all day excursion: Beach Tour
  • Independent trips (we provide instructions): Coco Beach and Potrero Beach